Zero Project Conference: AccesSOS with Gabrielle Wong

AccesSOS: Access Tech Live Talks Emergency Access for the Deaf with Gabrielle Wong

Join Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo for a conversation from Access Tech Live at the Zero Project Conference in Vienna. In this episode, they discuss the awards ceremony at the conference and interview Gabrielle Wong, the founder of Access SOS, a company focused on improving emergency access for the deaf and those who cannot use their voice. Wong shares her personal story and explains the fragmented and prioritized nature of emergency access in the United States. She discusses the challenges faced by the deaf community and the limitations of video relay services. The conversation also touches on the journey of starting the company and the goal of spreading awareness and connecting with like-minded individuals. The hosts express surprise at the lack of attention given to this issue despite advancements in technology. Tune in to hear more about Access SOS and how you can get involved.

The annual Zero Project Conference has become a unique global meeting place to innovate for disability inclusion. This year, more than 1,000 people from 100 countries attended #ZeroCon24 at the United Nations Office in Vienna, with innovations and sessions centred around the topics of Inclusive Education, and ICT.

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