Accessible Showering With Mira UK

In this episode of Double Tap, Steven Scott speaks to Suzannah Adey from Mira Showers in the UK and Robin Spinks from the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) to discuss the new Mira Select Flex shower, which has been designed with accessibility in mind and in partnership with the UK blindness charity. The Mira Select Flex is a mixer shower launched recently, targeting the aging and adaptations market, with inclusively designed features that have earned it RNIB accreditation.

Suzannah Adey explains that Mira Showers is a UK-based company with over a hundred years of history, known for its innovation and quality. She discusses the differences between electric and mixer showers, with the latter typically being more challenging for visually impaired users due to their chrome finishes and lack of easy-to-use features. The Mira Select Flex, however, incorporates high-contrast graphics, a push-button start/stop feature, and an easy-adjust fittings kit, making it more accessible.

Robin Spinks from RNIB highlights the importance of co-design and the collaboration between Mira and RNIB, which involved feedback from blind and partially sighted users. He emphasises the significance of inclusive design, not only for those with disabilities but also for the broader population who may experience situational low vision, such as when not wearing glasses in the shower.