10 Years With The iPhone: Ken Reid’s Story

A customers holds the new green colour Apple iPhone 13 pro

In a nostalgic yet enlightening interview, host Steven Scott and his guest Ken Reid reflect on the decade-long journey since the iPhone’s advent, particularly focusing on its impact on the visually impaired community. Initially, Ken, along with many others, was hesitant towards the touchscreen interface, finding solace in devices with a tactile keypad. The discussion takes listeners back to that time when Steven and Ken first discussed this topic back in 2013.

The interview highlights the pivotal role of Apple’s accessibility features, like VoiceOver, in bridging the tech divide for the blind and low vision community. It delves into the transformative experiences brought forth by other devices such as Bluetooth keyboards, Apple Pay, and the Apple Watch, elucidating how these advancements significantly eased daily interactions and transactions, making modern tech more approachable.

Ken emphasizes the importance of embracing new technology, despite the inherent fear of the unknown. Ken’s journey symbolizes a broader narrative of adaptive resilience and urges the importance of education and open-mindedness towards modern gadgets, underscoring a progressive stride towards inclusivity in the tech sphere.

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