Zero Project Conference: Scaling Solutions with Dr Anthony Giannoumis


In this episode, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece interview Dr Anthony Giannoumis, an American born, Norwegian entrepreneur, and storyteller.

The conversation revolves around his work at the Zero Project and his role in the program called Scaling Solutions. He discusses how the program aims to take disability innovations and introduce them to new communities around the world. He emphasizes the importance of connecting these initiatives to people who need and want these solutions.

The hosts and Dr Giannoumis also delve into the idea of community being the foundation of opportunity and the need to involve and pay people with disabilities for their expertise in developing solutions. The conversation includes a discussion on the pitfalls of not involving the community in product development, using the example of an entrepreneur who wanted to create a specialized operating system for blind people but realized that the existing operating systems could work just fine.

He also shares details about his book and where to find it via his website

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