Zero Project Conference: In Conversation With Hable Co-Founder Ayushman Talwar


In an interview recorded at the Zero Project Conference 2024, one of the co-founders of Hable joined Steven and Shaun for an in-depth discussion on what’s coming soon from the company.

Ayushman Talwar, who is Indian and lives in the Netherlands, talks about the surprise of meeting a number of Hable One users at the conference and discusses the company’s focus on simplicity and the challenges of keeping prices low while reaching more people.

The company’s main product is the Hable One, which is a braille input keyboard to allow blind people to use the six-dot input method for their smartphones and tablets.

Ayush also hints at potential features for Habel Two, such as the potential for a touch screen and voice input/output, and explains the company’s focus on listening to the blind community.

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