Zero Project Conference: Gwen Burchell From BrailleTeach Discusses Learning Braille From A Young Age


In this interview recorded at the Zero Project Conference 2024, Steven and Shaun talk to Gwen Burchell MBE, the co-founder and CEO of BrailleTeach which promises to bring braille learning tools to more children around the world at a more affordable price.

Gwen, originally from the UK, has been living in Azerbaijan for 25 years and started working on building an ecosystem for children with disabilities in the country, and has now developed the BrailleTeach device designed to help children learn Braille in a fun and inclusive way.

The device is roughy the same size as a computer mouse, and has eight games for learning letters, numbers, and symbols, and is designed for both children and adults. It is priced at $140 and supports multiple languages.

Gwen is working on bringing the device to market and has received positive feedback and interest from various countries and organisations.

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