Zero Project Conference: Eduardo Jauregui from CEO of Irisbond


In this interview from Double Tap at the Zero Project Conference in Vienna, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece spoke with Eduardo Jauregui, the co-founder and CEO of Irisbond, a high-tech company that specialises in eye-tracking technology for communication for people with disabilities.

Eduardo explained that the eye-tracking technology developed by Irisbond allows people with disabilities, such as ALS or cerebral palsy, to communicate using their eyes. They discussed how the technology differs from other eye-tracking systems, specifically the Apple Vision Pro, and explored the potential for eye-tracking to become a fundamental communication method in the future.

They also delved into the advancements in eye-tracking technology, particularly with the use of artificial intelligence, large action models, and machine learning algorithms. The conversation focused on the practical day-to-day applications of the technology, including its use for individuals with ALS in interacting with computers and for children with cerebral palsy in educational settings.

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