Zero Project Conference: AtScale with Pascal Bijleveld

AtScale: Access Tech Live Talks Assistive Technology Access with Pascal Bijleveld

Join Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo for a conversation from the Zero Project Conference in Vienna on Access Tech Live. In this episode, their guest, Pascal Bijleveld, CEO of AtScale, discusses their global partnership for assistive technologies. They aim to increase access to assistive technology in low and middle-income countries, where currently only 10% of people who need it have access. AtScale raises flexible resources and partners with governments to develop national plans and provide financial support. They also work on global guidelines, engage with the industry for better access deals, and advocate for more financing and political support. Pascal highlights the importance of smartphones as a common form of assistive technology and their partnership with Google and the Global Disability Innovation Hub. AtScale measures success by reaching 500 million people by 2030. Tune in to hear more about AtScale’s work and the impact of the Zero Project Conference.

The annual Zero Project Conference has become a unique global meeting place to innovate for disability inclusion. This year, more than 1,000 people from 100 countries attended #ZeroCon24 at the United Nations Office in Vienna, with innovations and sessions centred around the topics of Inclusive Education, and ICT.

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