Zero Project Conference: AbilityNet with Mark Walker


In this interview, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece catch up with Mark Walker from AbilityNet, discussing his experience at the Zero Project and the importance of disability representation at such conferences.

They explore how disability legislation and representation in media and advertising impact accessibility and inclusion. They also analyze the use of AI in technology and the ableism built into language models, and how it affects people with disabilities.

Mark also shares details about AbilityNet’s work, including their free one-to-one support from 400 volunteers and their services to businesses.

The trio discuss the global nature of disability conferences like Zero Project and the impact of politics on accessibility laws and regulations. They touch upon the EU’s European Accessibility Act and how it is changing the accessibility landscape. The conversation concludes with the importance of addressing ableism in AI technology and the need for inclusive representation in media and advertising.