Zero Project Conference: Jakob Rosin From Sparrow Access Talks Life With A Disability In Estonia


In this interview recorded at the Zero Project Conference 2024, Steven and Shaun meet with Double Tap fan Jakob Rosin from Estonia.

Jakob was in Vienna representing his company Sparrow Access which provides accessibility consulting and testing work. Jakob is also the president of Estonian Blind Union and member of board of the European Blind Union.

He talks about the community aspect of the conference and the importance of discussing accessibility laws and technologies. He also discusses the state of play for blind and disabled people in Estonia, and the challenges they face with digital social systems.

He highlights the progress being made in other countries, such as Ukraine and Azerbaijan, in automating social benefits for disabled individuals.

He emphasizes the need for rapid changes in crisis situations, and the role of technology in shaping accessibility policies. Finally, he discusses the concept of agile and digital government in Estonia and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on digital technologies.

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