Update: “Fix Is Coming” For Broken Voiceover Support On Updated X App

Twitter X

An update to the iOS version of the X app has created major issues for blind users of the social media platform.

X, formerly known as Twitter, issued the update on Tuesday 25th June to Apple iPhone users but it stopped many who rely on the phone’s in built screenreader, Voiceover, to be able to read their timelines.

As users have reported on AppleVis, the main issue is that as users swipe through the timeline they only hear the name of the person or account holder and do not hear the content of the post. The only way to hear the content of the post is to double tap the post itself and then read the message content within.

UPDATE (27th June 2024) One of the iOS developers at X, Ilnar Aliullov, has responded to user @tonytypesalot on X stating “Fix is coming. Sorry about that” adding later “The fix is ready, we now need to update the app in Apple Store”

X boss Elon Musk famously fired a huge number of the company’s development team when he took over in 2022. This included the entire team dedicated to making sure the app was accessible to disabled users.

In the audio above, listen to Steven and Shaun’s take on the news from their Double Tap episode aired on Wednesday 26th June 2024.

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