Windows 11 Virtual Desktops, Explaining Block Chain and Terrible Hot Tubs

Android 15 Talkback Updates

It’s down to Marc Aflalo to steer the good ship Double Tap this week, as Steven is taking a well-deserved rest. However, we’ve had reports that he has been sighted in his local Apple Store. Will he be able to resist the siren call of the new M2 Macbook? He was adamant last week that he will not buy one, but Marc and Shaun aren’t convinced…

Next, Shaun wants to complain about vinyl. His house has been taken over by amplifiers, speakers, banana plugs and four miles of speaker wire, yet he insists that vinyl records sound terrible. This leads into a discussion regarding the ownership of digital media, and do you miss owning an actual physical product such as a CD or DVD?

Shaun has also been looking into Windows 11 and virtual desktops. With easy keyboard shortcuts available to create, switch to and rename virtual desktops there’s no denying this feature is very screen reader friendly. And being able to separate tasks to their own desktop could improve your productivity or workflow. Sounds great, but there seems to be a fatal flaw with the virtual desktop concept. But maybe you can help…

In his never-ending task to try to explain block chains, Marc has found a piece of audio which he thinks will make the concept crystal clear for everyone. It’s a shame, then, that Shaun seems to be even more confused.


The show wraps up with a high-speed run-through of all the tech news we didn’t want to talk about, and Shaun’s rant on why hot tubs are the worst thing in the world.”

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