Windows 11 for ARM, Samsung is Folding & Keyboard Nostalgia

Android 15 Talkback Updates

“The Double Tap team are back in full force with the return of Steven Scott and boy, it seems he’s been busy…

Steven has the nostalgia bug this week, as he’s bought a keyboard that promises to be just like the keyboards we used in the past. He can’t wait, but Shaun isn’t convinced that keyboards of the past were that great anyway. There’s also a brand-new folding keyboard that could be perfect for using with your smartphone or tablet whilst on the move, but only if you can get it at the right price.

Next, Marc wants to talk about the upcoming Samsung event and the rumour that they are going all in on foldable devices. Is folding screen technology really mature enough to take over from the standard smartphone design?  

In other exciting, but quite nerdy, news, Steven has been trying out Windows 11 for ARM on his M1 Mac Mini using a virtual machine program called Parallels. Sounds complicated, but all that really means is that you can run Windows 11 on your Apple Silicon-powered computer once again. But what is the performance like? How accessible is it to set up and what screen reader can we use?

Finally, the show wraps up with more of Marc’s smart home woes and a possible divorce for everyone…”

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