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After their recent trip to Canada, the DTC team is interested in this week’s story regarding the ArriveCan app. This app was created to help speed up the process when entering Canada. However, there have been complaints that it’s having the opposite effect, with border staff spending a lot of the time being tech support for people struggling to use the app.
Just how helpful are digital documents when it comes to travel? Also, Steven is not happy with the assistance offered at most airports. Is there a better option for us to get support while travelling?

Mark Zuckerberg has recently been showcasing the work the his company has been doing when it comes to Virtual Reality. With numerous prototype headsets and some interesting comments on the state of VR, is it finally time to get excited again? And, as ever, should we even care, as visually impaired people, when it comes to VR?

Oh, and Steven has finally bought the worst thing ever. Is it time for an intervention?

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