Travelling Blind, Podcasting & More Keyboards

Android 15 Talkback Updates

It’s another big Double Tap Canada this week, with even more technology talk than usual. It’s a tech show, honest!

This week, Steven and Shaun get together to discuss the perils of travelling blind and how assistance apps can help us to navigate around more easily. We also discuss the new Rodecaster Pro mixing console, intended for podcasters and streamers, that is due out on June 17th.

And if Steven didn’t have enough keyboards in his life, there’s good news as a brand-new Logitech keyboard is set to be launched on June 2nd called the MX Mechanical. It comes in two flavours, full-size and mini, and is built for coders and serious computer users rather than gamers – so no RGB lighting in there! Although, how accessible is the partner software that goes with it?

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