The World of WiFi & Double Tap Goes Technicolor

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Today on Double Tap, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece are diving into the world of wi-fi, specifically talking about Shaun’s new Google Nest Mesh system.

He shares his hands-on experience with the setup process, which he found incredibly easy, but he’s a bit concerned about the speeds he’s getting compared to his previous Netgear Orbi system. Despite the slower speeds, Shaun notes the stability and responsiveness of his smart home devices seem to be better with Google Nest.

Steven and Shaun also announced the launch of Double Tap on YouTube, where they will be bringing their unique take on technology to a video format. They discuss the importance of adapting content for YouTube, considering the platform’s audience and their viewing habits.

You can find the YouTube channel here:

Later in the episode, Carrie Morales, known as Carrie on Accessibility, joins the guys to share her top tips on starting with a YouTube channel. She offers valuable advice on being prepared, the differences between podcasting and YouTube content creation, and the importance of enjoying the process. Carrie also talks about dealing with audience feedback, the need for a clear purpose, and the long-term commitment required to succeed on YouTube.

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