The Past, Present And Future Of Braille

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In this episode of Double Tap, Steven Scott flies solo but brings on a special guest, Kate Crohan, a seasoned teacher for children at Perkins School for the Blind.

Their conversation delves deep into the world of Braille, exploring its significance, challenges, and future. Kate shares her extensive experience, from her early days teaching newly visually impaired adults at the Carroll Center for the Blind to her current role at Perkins. They discuss the emotional and practical aspects of learning Braille, particularly its role in accepting vision loss and gaining independence.

Kate emphasizes the importance of Braille beyond just reading books; it’s about labelling, navigating public spaces, and even personal enjoyment, like creating drawings or enjoying tactile jewelry. The discussion also touches on the challenges of teaching Braille, the debate between QWERTY and Perkins keyboards, and the role of technology in enhancing Braille literacy.

Steven and Kate explore the concern that audio might overshadow the need for Braille, but they also see technology as a beacon of hope for its future. They stress the importance of Braille for employment and independence, especially for individuals with additional disabilities like hearing loss. The conversation concludes with a promotion of an upcoming YouTube interview with Jake, a student at Perkins School for the Blind, who shares his connection to Braille and his aspirations for the future.

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