The Lego Journey of Bricks For The Blind

Building Beyond Sight: The Lego Journey of Bricks for the Blind | Access Tech Live

Join us as Matthew Shifrin, the visionary behind Bricks for the Blind, shares his inspiring story of engaging with Lego sets as a blind individual. Matthew opens up about the hurdles he faced with traditional visual instructions and the transformative moment when a friend provided him with Braille instructions.

This pivotal experience led to the creation of Bricks for the Blind, a pioneering website offering text-based building guides for various Lego sets. The initiative has grown to encompass a team of sighted instruction writers and blind testers, fostering a unique collaboration.

Matthew also delves into the significant impact of Lego’s Braille Bricks in enhancing literacy and making learning Braille an enjoyable experience.

He attributes the success of his project to the widespread attention gained through a documentary and multiple TED Talks. This conversation shines a light on the strides made in making Lego an accessible and inclusive experience for the blind community.

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