The iPhone 2022, So Good He Bought It Twice and A Look At CSUN

Android 15 Talkback Updates

This week on Double Tap Canada, not only do we have the welcome return of Steven Scott, but an uninvited guest shows up in Shaun’s shed. I’m sure he’ll handle it like a professional…

Despite being ill, Steven has managed to cheer himself up this week thanks to the new iPhone SE 2022. With performance on par with the iPhone 13, 5G support, improved battery life, the Home button and Touch ID, what’s not to like? Still, why did he feel the need to buy two?

Next, we take a look at some of the more interesting products from the CSUN event in California. There’s the Dot Pad, which describes itself as “the first real-time tactile graphics display for the visually impaired,” a mysterious note-taker from Orbit called the Orbit Speak, and news of an upcoming desktop app from Aira.

We wrap up the show with a quick reaction to the Sony LinkBuds, a new feature in Microsoft Edge to automatically tag images, and just why is Steven missing all his deliveries?

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