The Cost of Free Speech, Metaverse Real Estate & Who Needs the Sun Anyway?

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In this weeks Double Tap Canada the team take on the thorny topic of Elon Musk and the future of free speech. Is free speech even possible or are we all too afraid to be seen as controversial?


Next up, Steven tells us about his latest bit of kit. It’s the Shure  MV7 microphone. He’ll be telling us why it and the Riverside recording service will completely change how we record the show. Also, he’s found a cool resource for Audacity users. Check out


It seems that the next new tech goldrush has begun. Snoop Dog has bought some virtual real estate in the Metaverse causing others to grab their stake too. But is this all tech bluff and jargon or will it really change the way we interact with each other?


We wrap up the show with some listener feedback and this time it’s Marc that is in trouble. But, as ever, Steven has come up with the perfect solution…

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