The Beta Blues, What’s Wrong with Quick Assist & R.I.P. IE

Android 15 Talkback Updates

The DTC team is back with another hour of top tech talk, but what exactly has got everyone so annoyed this week?

After installing the beta version of the latest Mac OS, Steven seems to be suffering from the beta blues and is desperately trying to roll back his Mac. But why is it we can’t wait to put these beta versions on our devices even though we know the software isn’t ready yet?

To maintain balance, Shaun is angry at Microsoft following his recent experience with Quick Assist. It appears the latest version is only available through the Windows Store. But more than that, it seems that Windows 10 users will not be able to use the Quick Assist keyboard shortcut to launch the new version of this very useful app in the future, Windows 11 users will be allowed to but not Windows 10 users. Shaun is banging his head against the wall at the whole situation…

Next, Marc tells us his thoughts on the post-WWDC The Talk Show hosted by John Gruber. It was a very relaxed discussion and could it possibly signal a change in Apple’s approach to interacting with its customers? Are they starting to share more information?

All this plus the team’s thoughts on iPads as laptop replacements, the death of Internet Explorer and does Steven have a bosom?

Only here on Double Tap…

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