The ARX Headset, Samsung Watch Accessibility Improvements & What’s In Marc’s Hand?

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In shocking news, Steven has announced he has no interest in buying the new Apple M2 laptops. After reading some less than glowing reviews of Apple’s latest and greatest computers, it seems that the performance gains over the last gen M1 powered laptops is nothing to get excited about. In fact, there are reports that the SSD performance is worse in the M2 lineup. However, the real question is do Marc and Shaun actually believe that Steven won’t be buying a new laptop?

Finally, we discuss the new ARX Vision wearable headset. With a design similar to an AfterShox headset but also featuring a camera on one side, could this finally be the perfect accessory for Aira? Steven has been taking a look at what it currently offers.

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