Terrible TTS, Virtual Coffee & Accessible Coconuts

Android 15 Talkback Updates

The Double Tap team is back for another hour of tech chat, news and opinion. We kick the show off with a quick text-to-speech (TTS) voice-off. What makes us pick our particular screen reader voice? And just why is Steven saying that the answer to all problems is to buy a Mac?

Next up, we’re off to the Metaverse. A listener thinks we need to open our minds to the possibilities and positives the Metaverse may bring to not only our everyday lives, but to education and socializing too. Shaun is not convinced…

Shaun and Steven then share some exciting discoveries they have stumbled upon this week. Shaun has found a new keyboard shortcut for Windows 11 he says will change his life and Steven has found some Braille on his new headphones that he simply didn’t expect to be there…

The show wraps up with more listener feedback consisting of virtual machines, accessible coconuts and some praise for Shaun.

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