Smart Fryers, Data Buyers & Shaun’s Broken Internet Wire

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Welcome to this week’s episode of Double Tap Canada. Join Steven, Marc & Shaun as they dive into the world of tech. Oh, and the dangers of foxes and hedgehogs.

A sickly Steven kicks off the show with a confession of his love for air fryers, but is there such a thing as a smart air fryer? And why does it seem to be that the kitchen is the dumbest room in the smart home? Next, if you have ever thought that your phone must be listening to you because it’s suddenly showing you ads for the thing you were just talking about then don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, the truth may actually be more creepy. Let’s talk about data brokers.

In this week’s tech news, we have the story of the police trying to stop a driverless car in San Francisco. There’s no denying the technology is advancing at an impressive rate but just how far off are the true driverless cars that we can use as visually impaired pepole?

The show wraps up with listener feedback, and Shaun tells us how to fix social media and the Internet in general. What could go wrong?

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