Seleste Glasses Ramps Up Deliveries and Enhancements

Canadian eyewear company Seleste has made strides in the  past month, delivering over half of its preordered units and gearing up for more in the coming weeks. The company has also been collecting user feedback to enhance the product’s reliability and usability.

As the shipments continue, with a target to fulfill all iOS users’ orders by early December, Seleste is also calling on Android users to get in touch for a tailored service, as their focus has primarily been on the iOS platform so far. 

Some notable updates are  the glasses’ ability to stay connected to your phone throughout the day, entirely in the background. This means you can enjoy a hands-free operation, even with your phone tucked away in your pocket or while engrossed in a YouTube video. The setup and Wi-Fi connectivity have also been simplified, although Seleste assures that this is an ongoing effort to ensure the setup process becomes even more straightforward.

The company is also prepping for significant updates in the coming weeks. With OpenAI slated to release their image model to businesses on November 6th, Seleste plans a swift integration within two days, aiming to level up its offering to match the hands-free AI capabilities of ‘Be My AI’. Additionally, the company is on track to launch a video calling feature entirely through its app, alongside other  features they have in the pipeline.

Listen to CEO Shubh Mittal speak to Steven and Shaun on the August 14th 2023 episode of Double Tap about the origins of the company and his plans for the future

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