Say Hello To ‘Face In View’ Feature In JAWS 2024

JAWS Face In View

Get ready to jazz up your video chats with the cool new feature ‘Face in View’ in JAWS and Fusion! This nifty tool is here to make sure you’re always putting your best face forward on camera. How? It uses some smart facial tracking tech to give you a nudge (well, actually a friendly audible cue) to look directly into the camera. No more awkward angles or bad lighting!

Getting ‘Face in View’ to work is a breeze. Use the JAWS layered keystroke Insert + Spacebar, then F, then O,  And voila, it’s on the job, keeping an eye on where your face is at and how the lighting is doing. And if you decide to play a bit of head-tilt or the clouds decide to hide the sun, it’ll let you know so you can fix it up.

While you’re focused in the ‘Face in View’ window, you can use the Tab key to check out how you’re looking, the lighting, and which camera you’re using. Got everything just right? You can turn it off using the same keystrokes you used to turn it on and then you’re ready to rock your video call.

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