Rockets, Keyboards and the future of civilization!

Android 15 Talkback Updates

It’s another busy week for the tech team at Double Tap Canada as Steven, Marc and Shaun discuss the big stories this week in tech, along with a healthy dose of nonsense.

We start with an overly-excited Marc, who tells us about the amazing job being done to send rockets to space pretty much every couple of weeks these days as Steven and Shaun listen on with, let’s just say, less excitement!

Steven is more interested in an email from listener Rebecca, who suggests the Matias Bluetooth keyboard as a replacement following the tragic death of Steven’s beloved Logitech MX Keys after a drowning incident involving a bottle of water and said keyboard.

Shaun answers a listener email about how to use the new hand gestures on the Apple Watch and Steven does a pretty awful job at a live demo of the feature. (It actually is very good in real life, honest.)

In amongst all the actual tech talk, the team discuss the future of civilization from the point of view of Baba Vanga, the infamous Bulgarian mystic who was blind, and shared her view of what will happen to the world up until 5070 when the world will end, in her view. Oh, and we invent a new country as well. Enjoy!

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