Revisiting Zero Project 2024: Part 2

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In this episode of the Double Tap AMI-audio podcast, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece revisit Vienna’s Zero Project conference and explore exclusive nuggets from the event.

They interview various individuals, including Rama from the Royal College of Art in London, who highlights the importance of inclusive and accessible design. They also speak with Celestine from Nairobi, Kenya, who discusses the challenges members of the disability community face in Africa and the need for greater awareness and accessibility.

The hosts also chat with Jakob from Estonia, who represents Sparrow Access, an organization involved in accessibility consulting and advocacy work for the blind and partially sighted. Jakob shares the unique challenges and innovations in digital government services in Estonia and emphasizes the importance of community and international collaboration in promoting accessibility and inclusivity.

Throughout the episode, the hosts discuss the need for a global conversation on accessibility, share anecdotes from their interviews, and highlight the impact of innovative and inclusive design on the lives of members of the disability community. The episode sheds light on the unique challenges faced in different countries and the ongoing efforts to create inclusive and accessible environments for all individuals.

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