Revisiting Zero Project 2024: Part 1

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In this podcast episode, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece revisit the Zero Project conference in Vienna, focusing on the main topics discussed and the insights shared by various guests.

The episode begins with an overview of the Zero Project conference and its purpose of highlighting innovations that support the lives and rights of people with disabilities. The hosts then delve into the significance of technology and ICT-based solutions in the disability community, emphasizing the impact and potential of technology in shaping global change.
Throughout the episode, the hosts conduct interviews with various guests, such as Michael Fembek, the director of the Zero Project conference, and Andrew Cho, the CEO of Sensee Books. They address the accessibility of children’s books for visually impaired children, the challenges members of the disability community face in the UK, and the importance of diverse representation and inclusion.

The podcast also discusses the role of large-scale events like the Zero Project conference in facilitating international collaboration, sharing knowledge, and promoting inclusivity. The conversation touches on the significance of storytelling and advocacy in raising awareness and driving change.

The hosts conclude the episode by highlighting the importance of technological solutions for creating accessible documents and the impact of AI in improving accessibility. They also emphasize the relevance of the Zero Project conference in providing a platform for individuals and organizations to share their experiences and address important issues related to disability rights and inclusion.

Overall, the episode covers a wide range of topics, from the role of technology in promoting disability rights to the challenges and opportunities faced by the disability community on a global scale. The conversations offer valuable insights into the ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive and accessible world for people with disabilities.

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