Previewing CSUN Assistive Tech Conference 2024 | Access Tech Live

Previewing CSUN Assistive Tech Conference 2024! In this clip from Access Tech Live Marc Aflalo and Steven Scott are joined by Julia Santiago. Interim Managing Director for CSUN. In this conversation, they discuss the CSUN conference, its origins, and its growth over the years. It highlights the wide range of disabilities and solutions represented at the conference, as well as the evolution of technology and accessibility. The chapter also mentions the progress made in mainstream technology and the highlights of the upcoming conference. The conversation concludes with a discussion on Canon’s new accessible photography technology.

00:00 Introduction to CSUN
01:00 Origins of the Annual Conference
04:02 Wide Range of Disabilities and Solutions
05:29 Comprehensive Representation
06:52 Evolution of Technology and Accessibility
07:20 Progress and Mainstream Technology
08:12 Highlights of the Conference
11:01 Future Coverage of CSUN
11:21 Canon’s New Accessible Photography Technology

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