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Best of YouTube: Zero Project Conference Coverage

By Steven Scott

It’s another chance to catch up with Steven and Shaun’s ramblings over on YouTube in this special weekly podcast..
However this week was a little different as the team headed out on the road to visit the Zero Project Conference in Vienna, Austria.
Before they headed out on the road however Steven had the chance to sit down with Michael Fembek, the director of the conference, to discuss what was coming up at this years international event.
While at the conference, Steven and Shaun also got the chance to chat with many interesting people. On the best of YouTube this week we feature an interview with Dot Lumen, a company that makes a new navigational device to, in its words, rival the guide dog in its ability to move blind people around their environments safely. But how useful is it? Shaun takes it for a spin to try it out.
Get ahead of the conversation and check out the Double Tap YouTube channel every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on the platform which you can find using this link: [https://www.youtube.com/@DoubleTapVideo]

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