Other Shows

Find out about other shows created by the team behind Double Tap

Access Tech Live

Access Tech Live is a live weekly broadcast that promises an interactive experience for viewers and the ability to cove technology news as it unfolds.

It isn’t just another technology show—it’s a platform that specifically addresses technology from the perspective of accessibility for people with disabilities. Featuring live interviews, hands-on reviews and in-depth discussions, Access Tech Live is dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology, accessibility and disability.

Produced by Double Tap Productions, the same company behind Double Tap and Shaun of the Shed — and in partnership with Accessible Media Inc — Access Tech Live is hosted by the dynamic duo of Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo, known for their engaging presentation style and deep expertise in the field of accessible technology.

Shaun of the Shed

Shaun of the Shed airs first on AMI-audio, and is available on video on YouTube and in audio as a podcast.

It's a monthly show hosted by Shaun Preece, who is blind, and is designed to assist people, particularly those who are new to the realm of technology, in comprehending and navigating various tech-related topics.

The episodes cover a range of subjects including the use of screen readers, smart speakers, and the unboxing and setup of new computers​.