Double Tap News Roundup: 4th November

November 4, 2023

Apple unveiled new silicon chips and updated Mac models at its ‘Scary Fast’ event. Other tech advancements included Microsoft clarifying Xbox controller restrictions, Seleste progressing in eyewear deliveries, Cobolt Systems launching a talking air fryer, Pringles adopting NaviLens technology, and Netflix praised for authentic casting in its new series.

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Microsoft Clarify Position On Unauthorised Xbox Controllers

November 2, 2023

Microsoft caused controversy this week with a decision to stop allowing third-party controllers to be used with its Xbox gaming console. The news angered some disabled gamers who rely on accessories connected to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which allows people with physical disabilities to play games like everyone else. However, in an update to their earlier…

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Seleste Glasses Ramps Up Deliveries and Enhancements

October 30, 2023

Canadian eyewear company Seleste has made strides in the  past month, delivering over half of its preordered units and gearing up for more in the coming weeks. The company has also been collecting user feedback to enhance the product’s reliability and usability.

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Stephanie Cadieux

“I’m Furious” Says Canada’s Chief Accessibility Officer As Airline Loses Her Wheelchair

October 26, 2023

Canada’s Chief Accessibility Officer, Stephanie Cadieux, expressed her fury when she discovered that her wheelchair had been left behind at Toronto airport after her flight to Vancouver. The incident occurred on October 20, when Cadieux flew from Toronto to Vancouver and found out upon arrival that her essential mobility equipment had not made the journey…

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Man with hearing aid enjoys TV using his Fire TV stick.

Amazon and Cochlear Team Up to Enhance Entertainment Accessibility for People with Hearing Loss

October 22, 2023

Amazon has announced a collaboration with hearing technology company Cochlear to make entertainment more accessible for people with hearing loss. Through the open-source audio streaming for hearing aids (ASHA) protocol, individuals with Cochlear hearing implants can now directly stream sound from their Amazon smart TV. This advancement allows for private listening and aligns with Amazon’s…

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