Out-Of-Sight Community Celebrates 16 Years of Inclusive Connection


On Saturday January 27, Out-Of-Sight marks a significant milestone for their online chat community as it celebrates its 16th birthday. Established in January 2008, Out-Of-Sight has been a vibrant hub for blind and visually impaired people, offering a supportive space for learning, playing games, and fostering a thriving community.

The 16th-anniversary celebrations are set to be a memorable event, thanks to the tireless efforts of the birthday committee. An all-day extravaganza has been planned, featuring a diverse range of activities that promise to engage and entertain members of all ages.

Highlights of the day include an array of games, crafted to be enjoyable and accessible for all. In addition, the event will feature a lineup of interesting speakers who will share their insights and experiences, contributing to the rich tapestry of knowledge and inspiration that Out-Of-Sight embodies.

A special attraction of the evening is the talent show, a much-anticipated segment where members will showcase their talents by performing songs.

Roger Khouri from the team joined Steven and Shaun to discuss more about the event.

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