New Apple Film Promotes ‘Personal Voice’ Feature


A new film has been produced by Apple in advance of International Day of Persons With Disabilities (December 3rd) and tells the tale of a young girl and her pink, floppy-eared furry friend, as they search high and low for his missing voice, before revealing a uniquely personal moment between a father and a daughter. The film features Dr Tristram Ingham, a New Zealand-based physician and disability advocate living with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD).

Dr Ingham uses Personal Voice to narrate and play the role of the father in film, showing how a real person, like Dr Ingham himself, would use this feature.

Watch the film here or find the audio described version on Apple’s website

What Is Personal Voice?

Personal Voice enables users at risk of speech loss to create a digital replica of their own voice, offering them a way to preserve their unique identity and communication style.

Tristram’s journey with FSHD, which affects his speech and muscle control, underscores the importance of this technology. The ease of creating his Personal Voice and the authenticity of the resultant voice highlight Apple’s commitment to realistic and empathetic technology solutions. Accompanying this, the Live Speech feature allows typed words to be spoken aloud, enhancing communication options for those with motor, physical, and speech disabilities.

The book which features at the end of the film was made into a real storybook and ebook whose story matches that of the characters in the film and is available as a free downloadable on Apple Books starting November 30

How To Use Personal Voice?

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