More Affordable Option for Jaws in Canada, Accessible Gaming & Going Back to Braille School

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Despite a sickly Shaun, a missing Marc and Steven destroying all his computers, another episode of Double Tap Canada is here.

We kick off the show with the news that Steven is returning his Surface Laptop 4. What went wrong this time? Was it the stuttering speech or the furry fabric coating? Steven explains all.

Next, it’s on to the news that Forza Horizon 5 has won the “Innovation in Accessibility” award at the recently held Game Awards 2021. The very fact that the category exists does seem to show that accessibility is being taken seriously by the video game industry, so why aren’t there more accessible games?

In other news, Steven is about to start a Braille course, but can he convince Shaun to join him? And why does Shaun hate the Perkins Brailler? Also, there’s some exciting news for Canadians interested in getting hold of the Jaws screen reader. Matt Ater tells us all about the new Home Annual License program.

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