Microsoft Recall is Recalled

Windows Recall

During their daily chat on Double Tap on the 14th of June, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece discussed the recent announcement from Microsoft that they will not be shipping Windows Recall alongside their new CoPilot Plus PCs on June 18th.

The hosts explore the backstory of Windows Recall, which was showcased as a standout feature at the Surface event, offering the ability to take screenshots every few seconds for productivity and search purposes. However, security concerns led to the feature being dropped from the initial release, with Microsoft focusing on making the data more secure before launching it.

The hosts remark on the importance of encryption for sensitive user data and express disappointment in the delay of the Windows Recall feature, which was a major selling point for Microsoft’s new PCs. They also discuss the shift to ARM processors in Windows and the potential impact on performance and battery life. Shaun Preece highlights the significance of this change and expresses the opinion that Microsoft should have focused more on promoting this transition rather than a software feature that was not fully secure.

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