Making Photos Tactile – Canon’s World Unseen with Mathew Faulkner

Making Photos Tactile – Canon’s World Unseen with Mathew Faulkner. In this clip from our recent episode of Access Tech Live, Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo discuss Canon’s World Unseen project, which aims to make photography accessible to blind people through tactile touch. The two interview Canon’s Mathew Faulkner about the project which uses a flatbed printer and specialized software to create textured surfaces that allow blind individuals to experience images through touch. The technology was initially developed for signage and display graphics but has since been adapted for accessibility purposes. The episode explores the potential for cost reduction and mainstreaming of this technology, as well as the response to the project and future plans for expansion. Lawrence Gunther, a conservationist, shares his hands-on experience with the technology.

00:00 Introduction
00:36 Canon’s World Unseen
04:23 Expanding Accessibility
06:13 Potential for Cost Reduction
08:02 Mainstreaming the Technology
09:25 Multi-Sensory Exhibition
10:22 Response and Future Plans
14:09 Matthew’s Webcam Setup
15:07 Lawrence Gunther’s Experience

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