iPhone Turns 15, What Matters at CES and Why Is Ham-Ham So Sad?

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Prepare yourselves for a hour of your favourite tech talk, tech news and other ramblings. Steven Scott, Shaun Preece and Marc Aflalo are back with another episode of Double Tap Canada!

After a brief discussion on COVID-19 and soggy keyboards, it’s time to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the iPhone. We take a look back at where it all started in 2007, and just what impact it had on not only accessibility, but also the entire tech world.

Next, it’s on to the Consumer Electronics Show 2022. What with the current situation, this year’s CES was a quiet affair, but was there anything that got the DTC team excited? Marc tells us about the new smart device protocol called Matter and Shaun is drooling over some impressively powerful laptops. Steven, as usual, finds something altogether more, erm, disturbing…

The show wraps up with your emails, including discussions on braille displays and headset recommendations.

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