Hands-Free Apple Watch, Braille Labelers and The Mystery Sandwich

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Happy New Year! Double Tap Canada is back with another hour of the latest tech talk, news and opinions.

Shaun has been testing out the new hand gestures feature that was introduced with the latest Apple Watch OS update. It allows you to navigate and interact with your Apple Watch without actually touching the screen. Instead, you simply perform gestures, such as clenching your fist or pinching your fingers together, to move or select items on the Apple Watch. Very useful when using a long cane.

In Apple news, Steven is excited by rumours of a new iPhone SE being released in 2022, but Shaun isn’t convinced. Also, will we finally see the end of the iPhone camera bump and screen notch with the release of the iPhone 14?

Next, Steven is already eyeing up his first tech purchase of the New Year in the form of a braille labeler. The Logantech Braille Labeler certainly looks like a cool piece of kit, but just how many labels do you need to make in order to justify its $775 US price tag?

The show wraps up with a look at security and privacy, with a discussion around a USB Dead-Mans Switch that may help keep your data safe if your laptop is ever stolen and a new browsing app from Duck Duck Go that promises to make privacy simple.

All this plus accessible chocolates, the mystery of Marc’s swimming pool & Shaun’s mystery sandwich… Only on Double Tap Canada!

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