Flippin’ Folding Phones, Big Up WhatsApp & Company Credit Card Dreams

Android 15 Talkback Updates

A travelling Steven Scott means that it’s down to Marc and Shaun to take the wheel of Double Tap this week as we steer our way through all the latest tech news. But first, Shaun wants to give a shout-out to an app he feels is seriously underrated and underappreciated by most people. It’s an app Shaun says not only brings people together but also has helped him out of some sticky situations many times. Can you guess what app he’s talking about?

Next, it’s on to the latest update to iOS16 beta. Shaun has noticed some improvements to the TTS voices, but is there anything else to get excited about other than the battery percentage icon?

Marc has taken the plunge and purchased a M2 Macbook this week, and has found a new way to copy his content across from his old machine. But just exactly how long will it take? And if Shaun was able to get his hands on the company credit card what gadget would he be buying?

Finally, it’s on to the Samsung Unpacked event, where we saw the release of the next generation of folding and flipping phones. But was there anything else released that could end up on the DTC team’s wish list?

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