Express: Microsoft & Amazon Events, Kapsys SmartVision 3 & Olympus DM770 Demos

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Starting with the big headlines from the week, Andy Frank (also known as Mr f) joins us to share the announcements from Microsoft and Amazon this week, including big software and hardware news but also a spotlight was shone on accessibility – and we have all the news.

Plus Steven reviews the Kapsys SmartVision 3 mobile smart phone which is a Google-certified device that runs full Android 11, has a touchscreen, but also a tactile T9 keypad. Steven puts it through its paces and gives you an idea of how it works.

And listener Derry Lawlor shares his thoughts on a talking dictation device – the Olympus DM-770. It’s almost the last device of its kindbut offers an accessible and easy way to take, store and share notes, thoughts and even interviews accessibly.

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