Exclusive: Inside Look at Breggz $1,750 Custom-Fit In-Ear Computers

Step into the future of personalized audio with an exclusive interview on Access Tech Live featuring Xander de Buisonjé, the founder and CEO of Breggz, alongside Dominic, the head of product.

They unveil the groundbreaking development of wireless custom-fit in-ear monitors equipped with quad drivers designed to redefine your listening experience.

Discover ‘Luna,’ your personal assistant within these in-ear monitors, offering not just high-quality sound, but also featuring a gyroscope for motion detection, customizable sound settings, and an innovative cartridge system for easy component replacement.

Priced at $1,750 for a tailor-made pair, these in-ear monitors have already garnered positive feedback from ambassadors, emphasizing Breggz’s commitment to sustainability and modularity.