Even More Double Tap, Ultimate Podcast Setup & The Humanware Stellar Trek

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Welcome to a special episode of Double Tap. Join us as we wave goodbye to the old weekly show and say hello to the all-new six days a week schedule. Yes, that’s right! Starting from the 1st of September you’ll be able to tune in to Double Tap everyday from Monday to Saturday at noon Eastern. We’re excited to bring you even more Double Tap goodness and we hope you will be too!


Steven kicks off the show with yet another love letter to the Mac. It seems he’s fallen in love with the new Universal Control feature. This allows you to use one keyboard and mouse across multiple computers and iPads. Sounds great for all you multi-taskers out there, but Steven does have one question. Can you activate Universal Control without using a mouse? Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch between devices? We don’t have the answer yet but maybe you can help.


Next, Marc is the one holding the company credit card this week and boy has he been busy. As the man in charge of producing many shows he’s always looking for the best devices for recording audio and video. He wants to tell us all about just why he’s so excited by the new wireless microphone kit from DGI. With two microphones and great audio quality are these the best option for recording on the go? But that’s not all. He also thinks he’s found the perfect 4K webcam for recording video podcasts. With its incredibly compact design, motorized gimbal and amazing image quality the wireless microphone kit from DGI camera is his new camera of choice.


Finally, Steven and Shaun discuss the newly-released Stellar Trek GPS device from HumanWare. This specialized device is designed for the visually impaired to help with mobility and orientation and it definitely boasts some nice features, such as on-board OCR and sign and door detection, as well as reliable turn by turn navigation. Previous GPS devices from HumanWare have proven very popular, but will people be willing to pay the Stellar Treks $1,500 Canadian price tag?


Many thanks for listening, and if you’d like to get involved with the discussion, send us an email to [email protected]. We love to hear from you!

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