Estee Lauder App: Revolutionising Applying Makeup For Blind People


The Estee Lauder app for makeup has gained praise from visually impaired people who are looking to regain their confidence in applying eye makeup.

The app, which uses artificial intelligence (AI), allows users to try on different shades of eyeshadow and eyeliner virtually, all from the comfort of their own home.

It eliminates the need for people to visit beauty counters, where they may feel intimidated or shy. The app provides a private space for people to experiment with different looks and gain confidence in their makeup skills.

The significance of this app extends beyond just the application of makeup. It challenges stereotypes and misconceptions about blind people and their desire to feel good about themselves. It is a reminder that beauty and self-confidence are not limited by one’s visual ability.

Listener Sharon, who lost her sight years ago, shares her personal experience with makeup and how her confidence waned over the years. She expresses her enthusiasm for the Estee Lauder app and its potential to empower visually impaired people.

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