Essential Internet and Destroying Smart Watches

Android 15 Talkback Updates

The Double Tap team is back in full force this week, as Marc returns to join Steven and Shaun to dive into the latest tech news, rumours and opinions.


After Shaun announces he’s upgrading his shed’s Internet speed, the discussion inevitably leads to the recent Rogers service outage that affected multiple businesses and domestic services, such as emergency call centres, in Canada last week. The impact this loss of service had is yet more proof that the Internet isn’t a luxury, it’s an essential service. Should Internet providers, such as Rogers, be forced to have a backup plan to catch these problems in a more timely manner?


Next, in listener feedback, we have details on how to set up email rules on and why learning Braille, even just Grade 1 Braille, is such a good idea.


It’s then on to Twitter and Elon Musk. This strange Ross and Rachel-style relationship between Elon and Twitter has hit another hurdle, as he has announced that he no longer wishes to buy the popular social media platform. As a result, Twitter is now suing Elon in an effort to force the sale through. Is this just a genius negotiation tactic, or has he bitten off more than he can chew?


To wrap up the show, the team discuss the rumours about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. Could Apple really be ready to release a “Rugged” and “Outdoor Adventurer” style watch? And Steven gives his opinion on his Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Is there finally an accessible competitor to the Apple Watch?

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