Episode 98 – Secret Steven, Public Tech & iOS 13 Features

Episode 127: LIDAR Love, Remote Desktops & Zoom

Steven Scott goes all James Bond in this episode of Double Tap Canada, as he’s broadcasting from a secret location. However, he quickly crumbles under interrogation from Shaun & Tim and reveals all.

First up for discussion this week is experiences of using tech in public. We talked about the safety aspects before, but there has been some conversations on social media suggesting that visually impaired people worry about using tech like a smartphone in public, as it may lead to people thinking they aren’t blind at all. We ask users of the Vorail app for their experiences.

Next, the WebAim survey is underway again, which always leads to some very interesting information about just how accessible the web is and also what assistive tech people are using.

Finally, it’s on to Apple. Steven, Shaun & Tim talk about their favourite feature coming in iOS 13 and also just what are they most interested in hearing about at the Apple Event on September 10th.