Episode 93: Jay Taylor switches to Android, Listener Feedback and Double Tap TV

Episode 127: LIDAR Love, Remote Desktops & Zoom

In this episode, Double Tap Canada is joined by Jay Taylor, not only does he know his tech, but he is actually Canadian… at least we think so. Jay discusses his recent switch to Android, in the form of a Samsung S9 smartphone, but just what features made him switch and how usable is the Android OS if you have low vision?

After a sort of apology from Steven Scott, it’s off to the listener feedback. Including a question about the Amazon Echo and podcasts and another on wearing a smartphone in order to use apps such as Aira or Be My Eyes. Steven tells us about smartphone lanyards and holsters and where to get them.

Finally, there’s just enough time for a quick Steven rant about dongles and cables before he tells us about the new Double Tap TV show now on AMI TV.