Episode 90: Accessible Tech Conferences

Episode 133: Hands On With The New iPhone SE, Pixel 4A Rumors & Keeping Track Of iOS 13.5

The Double Tap Canada team brace themselves as in the first half of the show they dive into listener emails.

With discussion ranging from 10 years of Voice-Over, why the team ‘prattle’ on so much’ and just how does Steven afford all his tech and why is he just so forgettable, it’s maybe not surprising that Steven finally snaps.

After a cup of tea and a calm down, the team move on to talk about conferences. With the likes of the NFB, ACB, CNIB Technovision and the UKs Sight Village events all happening recently, are people starting to lose interest in these events and just relying on online sources for information, or are they an amazing resource when it comes to getting hands on with new technology? Or is there, as Tim suggests, a more ‘social’ reason to attend? #BlindLoveFest