Episode 85: Apple WWDC 2019

Episode 91: Bose AR Frames Update and Listener Experiences

“Double Tap Canada is all about Apple this week following the recent World Wide Developers Conference.

The team take a dive into what was announced but from the aspect of accessibility.

Voice Control seems like a dream accessibility feature allowing you to control your phone only using your voice, but in reality will this work for Voice-Over users as well?

Next, unsurprisingly, , an argument erupts over just how important moving the accessibility settings to the front of the settings menu is and if it should even be called Accessibility? Tim Schwartz may have the answer.

Also, Apple will be allowing users to enable and customise more accessibility options during the device setup process. This means that users who require features such as switch devices or hearing aids can do so out of the box. But why does this make Shaun feel guilty?

The show wraps up with a look at iPad OS, Dark Mode, mouse support, better keyboard access and more.